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We represent some of the brightest, most innovative thinking in management and IT strategies today. Yet our values hearken back to an era when the very best consulting firms really were trusted advisors for their clients. They only did those things that were in the best interest of each client. Every engagement was a win/win.

At ATGTECH, this is how we work today. And it’s the secret of our – and our clients’ – success.

Unlock The Capabilities Of Your Organization

We bring together a group of our brightest minds, put them in a room, and charge them with the task of devising innovative ways to improve your business.

Everyone has someone they turn to when the problem is too complex and important. You have ATGTECH!

It doesn’t matter where the ideas come from. What matters is that our team comes up with genuine innovations that advance your interests, not ours.

Often the ideas that emerge are completely outside the scope of any engagement we might have with you.

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Wide Range Of Industries

Offering Wide Range Of Robust And Scalable Solutions To Foster Your Idea

Financial Services

ATGTECH Has Deep Financial Services Industry Knowledge


Helping Healthcare Organizations Stay Ahead


Facilitate You To Control All Stages And Bottlenecks Of Your Business

Human Resources

Defining The New Standard For Overall Performance


Improving Your Operating Efficiency


Supporting Your Transformation With Reinvention

Enterprise Solutions & Analytics

Understanding The Complexities Of The Competitive Landscape


Helping Businesses From First Mile To Last

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