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Transportation is considered to be a reflection of the maturity and growth of an economy. People and freight movement are the lifeline of a well-connected global economy. Airlines & Leisure Travel companies are increasingly becoming full-fledged Travel retailers who sell a host of ancillary services.The flexibility of air travel, new-age customer experience and personalized promotion management are key to generating top line growth and driving customer loyalties.

Wipro has a strong presence in the Transportation industry.We also have strong partnerships with some of the leading solution players in the Transportation and Warehouse Management domain.


Airlines today are operating in a dynamic and cost-conscious environment. They need to maintain profitable growth and build the ability to manage future opportunities while keeping up with global policies. They also have to be agile to cope with market disruptions, increased security regulations and growing ecological concerns. Moreover, the rising trend towards better customer experience and personalization of service has put greater pressure on the Airline business.ATGTECH's tailored strategies, expert teams and experience with global Airlines

Car Rentals

Car Rental earlier was strictly an on-airport proposition. Today, the Car Rental industry has grown to a multibillion dollar category and has evolved to become a direct to consumer business with customers renting cars for day to day or even hourly needs. The evolving customer preferences in the Car Rental industry are due to the growth of digital and mobile technology.ATGTECH helps the world's largest rental car agencies improve customer satisfaction, operations efficiency and business processes by leveraging our expertise in strategy consulting, systems integration, market analysis and business models.

Cruise Lines

The continuously changing business environment offers the Cruise industry with opportunities and challenges. As organizations strive to adapt to the changes, technology becomes a key accelerator in the adaptation process.ATGTECH has a strong and long partnership with Cruise Lines on their strategic and tactical initiatives.

User-centric App Development Solutions

Having the fingers on pulse of app development in the future, our application developers are experts in building anything that concerns product line.

Native, Cross-platform and HTML5 app solutions.Customer-focused Apps To Game-changing Applications!

Meeting the most challenging requirements with exceeding app users’ expectations & building premier quality native apps.

Every Application is efficiently engineered and secure guaranteeing high-performance ensuring customer satisfaction.


With increasing security concerns, compliance and regulatory restrictions, and an increasing customer need for real time access to information, Asset Tracking and Visibility has come to the forefront of Logistics IT spend.ATGTECH's experience in the Logistics industry brings a holistic approach to managing Asset tracking and Visibility and the support systems that will allow continued and accelerated operational and overall performance improvements.

Rail Roads

Increased volatility, global reach and growing interconnectedness have customers demanding higher levels of consistency and scale from their freight and logistics services. Freight Rail organizations target their investments to increase competitiveness, meet the growing demand for freight services and higher expectations for more efficient and responsive service.ATGTECH uses its knowledge of the freight Rail industry and business processes, combined with our service expertise and insights


For many of today’s Shipping organizations, the economy and often outmoded systems is putting a strain on operations. Container Shipping organizations face a number of challenges to remain competitive and profitable. There is a greater need for inbound and outbound freight visibility and control on a global basis.ATGTECH not only helps you improve the service offered but also introduces a greater level of visibility that enables better decision making, higher margins and increased profitability

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